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August 16, 2008


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Cute!! That looks terrific, and much, much better than some "professional" R2D2 cakes I've seen. Happy Birthday to your kiddo.


Awesome Cake!!! What a lucky little Jedi. Ula, you did a wonderful job. Those cakes are so much fun to make. I remember the "rocket cake" I made for his dad when he was this little guy's age.


that is awesome!


That is so cool! He must be thrilled. I hope he has a great birthday! :)


Cute cake! Happy birthday to your little man!


I have been looking for an easy way to do this... THANK YOU!


Thanks so much for posting this!! We're going to do a practice cake this week. Much cheaper than a $55 cake pan!!


I just found this post after searching for an easy R2D2 cake, and I used this as my son's fourth birthday cake. He loved it! I linked to you on my blog. Thanks!

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