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June 23, 2008


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I would like to participate!

I love your bicolored corn photo. Was it sweet? I hope so. :)



I'm definitely in with this one as I've been so busy outside watching the kids or driving them to games. It's time to appreciate my love of photography once again to relax.


Cool idea! I've started summer in ten now also :)


Sounds good, I'll join in also.


I will try, but my stuff is all food related. I suppose I could show us sweating over the stove and dishwasher?


Great, everyone! I'm so glad you're going to play along. And SketchyRecipe, anything that represents summer to you is great, even slaving over a hot stove. :)

Purple Hound

I posted my first 2 pictures today. We live in an area with a lot of seasonal summer only things so this is fun!


This is a wonderful project of yours, to capture summer in ten images.
Thank you for the mention too! We're happy you visit!

Cheri *hayward_cs*

This sounds like fun!
Corn and Summer go hand in hand around here. Thanks for sharing!


Wondeful idea! I'll get started tomorrow.

Great corn pics :)

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