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February 29, 2008


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Yay, Blogging Ula -- this will be fun to keep up with your daily life since we don't always cross paths at play group. Awesome news about Twinkle Twinkle carrying your stuff -- you go, girl!!! :-)


What night is pancake night? Looks like you could feed 4 more with that stack ;)


Adrienne, that is a double batch (minus a few that were being eaten when I took the picture) and there were only a few left the next morning. My 4-year old usually eats 10 all by himself! I need to try tripling or quadrupling the recipe so we can have more leftovers... or dinner guests. :)

natasha s

I just started this last week! Except mine are the British version:0)
I get so down with someone complaining every meal time.We can't please everyone but this give us some slack.You are a very nice mum to be short order cooking. My babes would love to come to your house for supper:0)


Oh yummie, I think I'll be making them some time this week!

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